Accredited Education Technology

Sit Down! Shut Up! And Listen!

Don't care about some virus. This is education for the future.

Meet Your New Teacher every one, Amelia.

i am just typing this real quick, on the road. (it's steady as she goes normal every where i have been:)

    The Idea
  1. We have a beautifully XML wrapped class room, where propitiatory company's will provide widgets for the frames. Teachers will have to create course they want to provide to the lybary. They will record the classes at the highest level of production. So these classes can be run without a teacher their But Very Important ly You will (the Teacher) still run these courses and do the testing, be paid as a teach it is just going to be more automated. To run an AI bot we need the question and answer and those will be in the bots vocabulary. more latter.
  2. A Library of Accredited Classes only (for now)
  3. A offline backup of all students records
  4. World Wide Reach
  5. Do One and its done.
  6. Drupal 9 hosted by us at aws e3/rds. $1.99 per student teachers free.
    Consulting $39.00 per hr. You own and maintain the drupal 9 site at no additional student cost.
  7. Production The A Team.
  8. Obviously this is big remote education we want to think about Jobs and Open Source and Proprietorship

We Are Always Open Source We Do Sell Proprietorship : : 541-215-3551